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The right business system can help you
on the path to SUCCESS!

Our business system is built in Visma Business, tailored for companies trading in beers, wines and spirits. Some of the advantages of working with this system are our knowledge of the rules and routines that impact the industry, and that the system is easily accessible wherever you are.

Freedom of choice for smaller businesses

You can make your choice from different system solutions. If you sell a lot to restaurants, placing orders and issuing invoices every day, you can choose to update registers, view stock information and generate reports whenever you like. If your distribution is mainly concentrated on Vinmonopolet, you can rest assured and leave everything to us, we manage logistics on your behalf and send you reports via email.


We understand the conditions that small companies operate under, and aim to develop together with our customers. That’s why we offer a broad range of options at a sensible price.

Quick and flexible

Small companies are able to make decisions rapidly, and we are used to working quickly. We want our solutions to provide you with a competitive advantage. You make the choice of which parts will be a good fit for your business.

A secure solution

We understand your operations, and can provide support when you don’t have the knowledge or the time. We make sure to stay abreast of industry developments, and adapt our solutions whenever there are changes in industry regulations or conditions.

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